• In our day to day life, we use various gadgets such as television, set-top box, air conditioners, home theater system, DVD player, and many other remote-operated devices for comfort and happiness.
  • Different gadgets mean maintaining different remote controls which are not only clumsy but also difficult to manage.
  • Multimedia Automation simplifies our life because it helps us control any IR devices like TV, air conditioner, home theater including lights and fans.
  • There are many types of Automation available for multimedia. Most of them convert Individual Remote into Individual Screen of App. In this type, the main screen will have a selection of Remote control like the following:

Main Screen of App:

  • When we open any single remote from the main screen, it may look like as follows:


Set top Box:


Air Conditioner:

But the Big Question is: “When we get an Individual Remote in-app for every physical remote that we have, is this Automation really useful?”

The answer is: “NO. Still, we need to navigate from one remote to another to operate complete multimedia!! So this is not the right choice.”

The only way you can get actual usability out of this functionality is by getting a Combined Single Remote for all the physical remotes, either in an app or a physical one.

Right Choice 1: Combined Single Remote in App:

Controlling all of your IR remotes through the Single Combined Remote App is a great way for removing the complexity of multiple remotes in any area of the house. An example is as follows…

Its main features include:

  • Control any number of IR devices just by this one remote easily.
  • Endless possibility for combining any number of remotes.
  • Select the button layout as per your requirement.
  • You can add these remotes’ buttons in any other scene/mood.
  • You can operate these remotes through voice-controlled devices also (like Google Home or Amazon Alexa).


  • Still, we need to open the app to operate it.

Right Choice 2: Combined Single Physical Remote:

A physical remote is a nice option for combining multiple IR remotes if you are not looking to use the same through the mobile phone app. Its main features include:

  • You get a physical touch for operation hence everyone (including people who do not want to use mobile app) can easily access it.
  • You are able to program 7-8 scenes hence keeping the automation experience alive.
  • The comprehensive database of the product’s IR codes.
  • Various commands executed at the touch of a button.
  • There are some Combined Physical Remotes with less number of switches (from 4 to 10 only). Which can be used as a Shortcut Key or Personalized Key (like little car remote control). For more details visit Shortcut Keys.


  • Some Air Conditioners won’t work with it. (to check that which ACs are working with it or not you may Contact Us)
  • Some Current data will not be displayed in this remote like Current Temperature of AC.


  • Multimedia Automation can be very useful when you have multiple remotes in a single location like the home theater but it makes sense only when you get a combined single remote for all the multiple remotes (either in-app or a physical remote).
  • Hence when you are purchasing multimedia automation you should make sure that you are getting a combined single remote for all the IR remotes and not individual remotes for each physical remote in-app.

Wishing you a “Dream Home”…

Shripal Javia

Shripal Javia

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