We are making our home give the best living to our family. When we make it, we keep in mind that we use the latest designs, materials, AV systems, etc. available in the market because we know that we are going to use this home for a longer period of time. We also keep provisions for future use. But do we keep provision for technology up-gradation?

When starting to make a home, we might not have finalized audio-video systems, control systems, and/or automation systems. And that is obvious. But as our home comes to its final touch, we feel that if we would have gone for lighting control and audio video control, life would be more convenient. But at this final stage, we come up with two solutions : (1) Either do re-wiring to suit our required product but it will cost us money and most importantly time. And the date of integration changes as the date of Court. (2) Or we have to compromise with the components which fit in our wiring but ultimately it will not satisfy our need. Is it what we dreamed about in our home?

What if we keep provision for future technology and keep our home always up to date & latest!!


Major Benefits:

  1. Our home will be ready for future technologies.
  2. We start building a new home today and we go to stay at home after about 1 to 2 years!! If provisions are there we can decide what to use and what to not at that time. Currently, we need not decide what we are going to use after 2 years.
  3. No hassle on the time of installation for an electrician, interior, and also for you.
  4. It saves 20% to 30% of Rupees on Audio, Video, and Automation Devices. As well as we can share the devices.

These type of functionalities are being used worldwide and also recommended by many research institutes like the following:

“Innovation in home electronics could change what is valuable to homeowners also while reselling their home.”

Bill Lewis for The Tennessean

“Make Provision for the Future instead of living merely for the Present.”

Provision for the Future

General Functionalities for which we can keep provisions:

  1. Keep Set-Top box, DVD/Bluray Player, Music System, etc Hidden.
  2. Automate lightings of common areas and again you can use lights manually as & when you want.
  3. Control all IR Devices through a single Remote Control from a mobile device.
  4. Keep a single Hard Disk in-home and access it from any TV, Mobile device, or Laptop.
  5. Lighting Control to make your interior really worthful & enlightened.
  6. Curtain Controls to improve health and save power.
  7. Assign Shortcut keys to your favorite actions.
  8. Main door safety and easy operation by VDP and Digital Locks.
  9. Security System to detect and give you alert even when an unauthorized person enters your home.
  10. Wi-Fi Planning to get proper coverage throughout the home.
  11. Proper placement of iPad to keep it charged, handy, and elegant in look.
  12. Provision to combine control of different devices through a single platform.

Other Provisions:

  1. Special wiring tips to make life more enjoyable & to make the interior more effective.
  2. Guidance in lighting groups to make it more effective and look enhancer.

These provisions would be executed in the following steps:

  1. Requirement Understanding for provisions
  2. Solution Generation and wiring diagram generation.
  3. Adding Provisions for future Based Solutions which might be useful in years to come.
  4. Solution Optimization to reduce total wiring needs.
  5. Handover the diagrams to respective agencies.
  6. Site Audits in different stages to assure the provisions.
  7. Final Drawing handover to customers for future use & references.