About Home Automation

There are 100 of brands and technologies available for automation, audio and video in the market, Which brands and products are most suitable for me?

Normally each company is master in one or a few domains not in all. That’s why for a single brand it is hard to give the best performance and cost-effectiveness. So if we want to take advantage of the mastery of each company, a combination of some is required. And this combination can also give us cost-effective solution.

Is Automation a latest trend? Is Home Automation now mature and proven technology to be used in my home and office?

In the past we have migrated from petromax to electric lamp and staircase to lift. It is one short of Automation. As new technology emerges, it enters into our lifestyle. In the near future, automation is going to become an integral part of our living. At iLiving we only use proven technology products to assure guaranteed performance.

Can I do home automation in my existing home without taking hassle of civil and electrical changes ?

Yes. It’s good news for you. There are some combinations of products that can be used in existing home without any change. Now you have the freedom to imagine your existing home as a smart home and your dreams will come true.

Is the solution expandable for future requirements? And if I change my home in near future, will the system be reused in my new home?

Yes. Our team has developed some set of solutions which can be expanded in the future even after years. If you require such a solution, please update our executive for the same. And if you are planning to shift your home, your automation can also shift with you to accompany in your new home.

I would like to do Home Automation in my home. But can I implement it in a fix budget?

Absolutely yes. We are giving tailor made solution to each home. Hence we can prepare customized solution for you without compromising your needs and priorities but also respects your money.

At which stage should I plan my Automation? If I plan earlier, will I get benefits?

Properly planed and organized automation gives you saving on multiple costs. It saves not only electrical and wiring cost, but also saves civil and furniture costs. To make all savings and maximize the performance of automation it’s better to finalize on or before the electrical wiring stage.