We want our home simplified and easy. But as we add different functionalities, each comes with their own control units. Operating each thing from their own control makes us in complexity as well as add up the high cost.

What if we need not require individual controllers that add on complexity & cost!!

By Applying a Processor, we will save the above amount in our cost and our system also becomes empowered by interlinking of all the devices.

Major Benefits:

  1. A single processor (a brain of the complete system) and a single app for all our devices.
  2. We can interlink one device with other (e.g. when natural light becomes low (sense by Light Intensity sensor), Lights will start automatically (by Lighting Control Circuit).)
  3. We get alerts from our home where ever we are through this single processor.
  4. We can control home and connected devices from anywhere through the internet.
  5. It makes the use extremely easy, even for those who are not familiar with smartphones.
  6. Keep our home expandable even for the future. So we can add control of devices in the future also.

These type of functionalities are being used worldwide and also recommended by many research institutes like following:

“Centralize control make it much easier navigating form one subsystem to another. Another benefit it provides is ability to link systems together and create interdependent schedules.”

Avidia: Audio, Video, Media

You might have the following questions in your mind!!

Will I have this challenge in my Home? In how many rooms?
Will it be worthwhile to use this solution in my Home?
How to find the most suitable company and model for the above solution?
How much will be the investment value for the above solution for my home?
What other challenges my family might face? What will be their solutions?