When we are away or at home, we always think about the safety of our loved ones and family members. And once we have that assurance, our mind can remain at peace. And only with a peaceful mind, we can focus productively on our work.

We live in Bungalow and for us, total security is very essential. or We live in Flat & for us, internal security is very essential.

What if our family and our home are safe and we can be peaceful !!

Major Benefits:

  1. Protects our valuable things and family members. The system keeps an eye on your home.
  2. If someone tries to enter our home, the system will immediately start alarm at home and give us alert by calling on the phone.
  3. The system will also work if someone breaks the power connection of home. And it can also give us alert even if the internet and telephone line is broken. It works without power and connectivity.
  4. It has inbuilt facility to add Fire Alarm also.
  5. If our home is protected with a security system, we can save money on home insurance.
  6. Ultimately it gives us peace of mind.
  7. At the time of selling the home, the purchaser would also think about the provisions of the security system.

These type of functionalities are being used worldwide and also recommended by many research institutes like the following:

“The city’s crime graph, like its burgeoning population, is also rapidly rising: over the last decade the city has witnessed a 52% rise in crime.”

The Times of India

“The security system could benefit you and your family.”

Safe Wise

“Installing a home security system can be costly, but not installing one could cost you even more.”

A Secure Life

“Having a security alarm is not only important when living in a house, but when selling one, as well.”

Home Advisor

1. Centralize Control & Mini Sounder:
A centralized Controller will monitor and control all the security components. It also works as the Main entry panel. This unit also consists of a Medium size sounder inbuilt in it.

2. Perimeter Security:
All the possible entry of home will be protected by very secure and error-proof proximity sensors.

3. In-Home Motion Security:
When the system is arm and some motion is being detected in your home, the system will trigger the alerts. The Motion Sensors are Pet Immune so reduces the risk of false alarms.

4. Security against Smoke and Fire:
In the case of Fire, System immediately detects smoke, and gives you alert as per system programming either by a siren and/or by mobile alerts.

5. Security against power cut:
Even if power is failed or someone has cracked power down, the security system will remain ON with an internal battery source. The system will also update us even power fails. (This Feature is included with Main Panel.)

6. Stay connected with home every time:
When you are away from home, you will get an alarm when needed through SMS and/or Call. You can also arm and disarm your system remotely by SMS and/or by Call.

7. Arm-Disarm instantly through remote control:
Through an RF remote control, you can arm and disarm the system instantly. It also has the facility of Panic Button to trigger the alarm manually when you suspect someone is trying to enter the home.

8. Extend the range of your security area:
If RF signals become weak due to obstacles of home to cover each and every corner, you can use Range Extenders to cover the whole home/office.

9. Make sound audible to the bigger range:
By adding a bigger sounder outside of the home, you can extend the range of sound. It will provide alert to a bigger area around your home.