This solution is regarding the Home Automation or you can say a Smart Home!!

Home Automation is a new trend right now in the Home Segment!! Everyone who is making a new home is thinking about home automation or Smart Home.

Home Automation has many more functionalities as follows:

The first challenge you might face about Home Automation is from all the above functions which you are going to use in your daily life.

If you are not going to use the functionality in your daily life, we feel it is of no use to you!!

So the selection of functionalities is very crucial. And only after finalizing about required functionalities, you can think about the most suitable company or brand which provides Home Automation.

Let’s assume that, you have selected the most useful functionalities as per your lifestyle!! Then also the game is not complete yet…

The next challenge which comes is that now for selected functionalities, for which brand or company you should go??!!

There are more than 320 different brands in the Indian market for Home Automation (As in June 2018!!). And more than 50 new brands come every year!!

Say, for example, few brands are as follows:

The selection of brands is not just depending on their reputation and reliability!!

If you could not select the brand properly, you might come to fall short for your required functions!! Or you might end up using expensive products than needed!!

You might install a product but never use it!!

With the experience of years, at iLiving we have done an enormous amount of R&D with various products of different brands, we have a made a technical database. With the help of that database, we can identify which product is most suitable for your home!! This may eliminate all your challenges with the minimum possible investment value!!

In a nutshell, you might be having the following questions in your mind:

Actually, what is Home Automation or Smart Home?? Is it just making lights and fan On/Off from mobile? Or it has other benefits also?

As per my lifestyle, should I build a Smart Home for my family? How will it help me?

If I want to go for some useful function of a Smart Home, which company should I go for? Which is cost-effective and reliable?