We normally spend lakh of rupees on the interior to make our home more beautiful. We invest a good amount of time in searching out the most suitable light for our interior. But when it comes to using the lights, we start a single light on the sofa and sit over there!! Will it create the great ambiance we have invested for? Ultimately Lighting is the main thing that will enhance our interior. The tragedy is that our investment in interior and lighting is not giving us a complete return!!!
What if every time we lit up the light, we get perfect ambiance, which in-turn will elevate our whole interior !!!

Let’s just take an example of our Living & Dining Area, We have about 9 Different Switch Boards in these areas. And the total number of lights & Fans is about 43. Making uniform lighting through it might become very complex. We are investing 55 lacs amount in furniture but without proper lighting, all this amount will not give proper ambiance.

Major Benefits:

  1. We can enjoy different lighting moods we want and that also with just a single click. We can set each mood in such a way that our interior gets uniform yet different reflections.
  2. We can still operate individual lightings from regular switches as well as control them from our smart devices. Easy manual Function.
  3. Even if a set of devices are ON, like 1 fan & 5 lights and we want to leave the room, just give an All OFF command and its done.
  4. Even when we are out of home, we can program lightings to get ON and OFF to Simulate your Presence at home.
  5. The investment we have done on interior and lightings will become worth full. And we can enjoy it for years to come.

These type of functionalities are being used worldwide and also recommended by many research institutes like the following:

“Did you know that lighting can change your mood? & Differences in the intensity of light affect Home Design, Looks & Atmosphere.”

Richmond Times : How lighting can affect your mood

“The lighting in a home changes the mood of a room just as it does the perceived size of a room.”

Home guides: Importance of Lighting in Interior Design

“Smart Lighting Control Frees Up Your Time and Saves Energy.”

Electronic House

You might have the following questions in your mind!!

Will I have this challenge in my Home? In how many rooms?
Will it be worthwhile to use this solution in my Home?
How to find the most suitable company and model for the above solution?
How much will be the investment value for the above solution for my home?
What other challenges my family might face? What will be their solutions?