You may have many TV/Projector in different rooms. And each area may contain many IR devices. Each device may be having a remote control so total remote controls you might be having are as follows:

Multiple remotes showcase the evils of complexity. Smart TVs just make it worse.

Managing so many remote controls is a complex task. We have to remember which operation is to be done from which remote. And when we go in search of remote, no one knows where it is!!! Sometimes we feel that operating a computer is simple than to change over from ‘Set-Top Box’ to ‘DVD Player’!!!

Required Set of Commands to switch over from ‘Set-Top Box’ to ‘DVD Player’:

DVD Player Remote ‘Power On’ Button
Music System/TV Remote ‘Source’ Button
Navigate to ‘DVD’
Press ‘OK’ to Select
Set-Top Box ‘Switch OFF’ Button
Total Buttons

Min 5 Buttons

What do we want when we and our family sit in front of the TV? We want to get relaxed and enjoy the time. We might have invested lakhs of rupees on TV, Music System, Bluray player, etc. But due to today’s fast lifestyle, we get very little time for enjoying these devices. And from this short time available, much of the time is wasted in fighting with the complexity of devices. Ultimately sometimes we settle for whatever is coming rather than taking the hassle to change everything!! Are we enjoying our investment on these devices !!!

What if our complexity can be eliminated and we can simply enjoy entertainment with just a single Remote?


Major Benefits:

  1. We would not require the set of remotes all the time to control the above-specified devices. We can control all the devices just by one mobile application. And mobile devices are very handy today.
  2. When we press the ON button in the application of Remote, it will turn all the related devices ON like TV, Set-Top Box, Music System, etc. And similarly does the same when we press OFF. Single Click –> Multiple Controls.
  3. Common functionalities like ‘Navigation Keys’, ‘Play Options’ etc. remains common. Remote is intelligent & it will automatically understand that currently we are on the TV menu, so it will send a signal to the TV and when we are in Set Top Box Menu, it will send a signal to the Set-Top Box.
  4. We need not┬áremember our favorite channel’s numbers. Just press ‘Discovery’ and it is on the screen.
  5. Most of the AC can also be controlled from the same app. Hence AC remote is also eliminated.
  6. Mostly we receive 1 remote for each AC unit even though all units are of the same company. After adding this functionality, there is no need to purchase all the remotes of each and every unit. Hence cost saving.

For the above solution, there might be many different products available in the market. Price Range starting from 5000 to 50,000 Rs. They each are having many different technical parameters like the following:

  • Investment Value of the Solution
  • Max Number of Devices it can control
  • Range
  • Aperture Angle
  • Way of Communication (IR, WiFi, RF, etc.)
  • Mobile App based or Physical Remote
  • Rechargeable or Battery Operated
  • Display or without display
  • Warranty
  • IR Frequency Range
  • Response Time
  • Country of Origin
  • Brand name
  • Service Support After Warranty

With the experience of years, at iLiving we have done an enormous amount of R&D with various products of different brands, we have made a technical database. With the help of that database, we can identify which product is most suitable for your home!! Which may eliminate all your challenges with minimum possible investment value!!

You might have the following questions in your mind!!

Will I have this challenge in my Home? In how many rooms?
Will it be worthwhile to use this solution in my Home?
How to find the most suitable company and model for the above solution?
How much will be the investment value for the above solution for my home?
What other challenges my family might face? What will be their solutions?