As we have many members & multiple cars in our house, the main gate operation would occur many times on day to day basis.

Every time when we enter or leave our house, we have to operate the main gate. So whenever we arrive at the gate, we have to get out of our vehicle(car/scooter) and operate the gate manually.
Also when we arrive at our house, we have to first find safe parking for our vehicle. Only then can we exit from our vehicle and open the gate manually. Hence adding to our day to day life hassle.
When someone visits our house, somebody(ladies/children) has to open up the gate for the visitor whether it is rain or sunshine.

The operation becomes very difficult especially for kids & elderly in our house due to the weight & size of the gate.

What if you could open and close your gate at the touch of a button?

Sliding Gate

Opening Gate

Major Benefits:

  1. Everyone is able to operate the main gate, hence no dependency on anyone.
  2. You can operate the gate at your convenience, hence no need to wait for anyone to open it.
  3. No need to worry about vehicles getting damaged by the operation of the gate, as there are photocells installed along with the motor so that the motor stops to operate as soon as something (cars, kids, pets, etc) comes in between.
  4. The little remote can work as far as 100 feet away from the gate, hence no need to worry about range.
  5. The motor comes with a provision of a selection of mode i.e automatic or manual. If you put it in automatic mode, then the gate will only be operated by the remotes. Hence providing major security to our house.