Challenge 1: As Living Room is the face value of our home, We invest a huge amount of money and time in making our Living Room. And TV Cabinet Design is one of the important area of Living Area. In the design of TV cabinet we usually keep switches below TV Cabinet. These switches remains at center point and it pins our eyes. Though switches are of great look but might disturb our seamless design.

So can we place these switches inside the cabinet or behind the TV? Absolutely Not because it will be difficult to operate them. So what is the solution?

Challenge 2: Let’s talk about an example: You are reading a book while sitting on a most comfortable sofa in your living room.

Now it’s time for your favorite program on TV!! Remote Control of TV is also besides you!! But main switch is OFF… Oh…!! Now you need to get up and go to start the main switch !!

Normally where do we sit while watching the TV? In living room we sit on the sofa and in the case of bedroom we sit on the bed!!

Solution: While watching TV at living room as well as in bedroom we sit at the opposite side of TV, i.e.. Sofa or Bed. And at that location we always have plug sockets for mobile charging etc. So power switches of TV cabinet devices can be placed with these switches controlled through these locations.

Benefits: By doing so we get uninterrupted seamless look of TV unit & operating switches from sofa or bedsides are more comfortable.

How to do this?: It is very simple. Here we have devices at one location (i.e. TV,STB,etc.) and we want their control from other location (i.e. besides sofa or bed)!! So we have 2 different switch boards. We need to have 2 electrical wires (1 pair of wire) between these two switch boards. (You may take the help for local electrician for these technical changes and your work is done.)

Shripal Javia

Shripal Javia

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