The twenty-first century has brought us lots of innovations, and we are now facing a new era, the age of great technological achievements. Technology is increasingly faster, more profitable, and more powered than ever before…With all of these revolutions; technology has made our life easier, faster, and more fun-loving…Technology has created amazing tools and resources putting information at our fingertips.
Owing to the applications of technology, our standard of life has gone up. Our needs are meeting with greater ease.

Technology has given us brand new devices in recent years like smartwatches, tablets, voice assistant devices, and many more. Moreover, technologies have changed how we entertain ourselves or meet each other it has made our fun advancements.

Home automation technology is one of technology which drastically changes the living lifestyle of human. An electronic device that supports automation solution is termed as home automation. Home automation technology converts a regular home into a smart home. It is a remote program device that can either be wireless, wired, or both. The home automation appliances are integrated with sensors, actuators, managed through the internet, and controllers. Controlling items around the house with one button or a voice command seems like a dream. Smart home technology provides the ability to control lights, curtain, media, security, video surveillance, and much more from your mobile device.

Let us see how Home Automation Technology can add Comfort and Luxury to us in day to day life…

  • Home automation technology is undoubtedly more convenient than conventional ones. All the electronic devices can be automated and integrated to meet your specific needs, whether that’s turning on the Air conditioner before you come home in the evenings or opening curtains in the morning for natural sunlight.
  • People often forget to turn off the lights, TV, the oven, or curtain when they leave home. With home automation technologies, they no longer have to return home in such cases. Automated technology can allow remote control from a personal device from anywhere.
  • Home automation technology can offer a great solution for disabled or elderly people since they can be equipped with accessibility features such as voice-command systems that can control lights, curtains, lock exterior doors and even operate multimedia.
  • Automation technology is time-saving as compared to traditional methods. Which one do you think will be faster? Turning on/off lights, fan, multimedia, curtain, etc by roaming in rooms one by one, switch to switch or by through an application and voice command. You already know the answer.
  • When you take the amount of time saved for each task it might not seem a lot. But, put all the tasks together and you quickly notice the amount of time you save in a day.
  • Home automation technology allows you to customize your home to your likes or taste. You can customize your lights to show different colors depending on the time of day.

Let us see how Home Automation Technology can add Peace to us in day to day life…

  • Home automation technology offers a very affordable and easy to install solution that will cover all your security It can however also make your home safer by providing you with the ability to view your home at all times.
  • Smart locks, motion controls, and cameras improve the home’s security and detect potential intruders. With remote controls, lights and lamps can be turned on and off, and automated blinds can be opened and closed. These capabilities combined with automated security systems can help you mitigate the risks of intrusions. You will be alerted immediately if something uncharacteristic happens.
  • Home automation technology increases peace of mind. Using automation technology we can check the status of our home from anywhere in the world using a PC or mobile phone. It is peaceful to see what is going on at our home, without being physically there.
  • In daily routine, you can make sure that all doors are locked before going to sleep, all devices are turned off, and it will also provide you with a better sense of security and peace.
  • A home automation system gives extra protection to your home and family. It is not only keeping you and your family safe but it will also increase the life of your electrical devices.
  • Many accidents happen in the home because of the poor utilization of electrical appliances. Having this system will allow you to check if an appliance is left operating which can lead to any severe scenario.

Let us see how Home Automation Technology can give us Happiness in day to day life

  • The Home automation system is very helpful to you in reducing power consumption. You can also close up all lights, electrical, and heating devices when you’re away from home, so there will be no wasted electricity.
  • Most of the home automation system has a function that allows you to monitor your electricity or energy consumption which is very useful. From the data you gather, you can make the necessary adjustments to lower the energy usage of your devices.
  • From one of the surveys, it is founded that there is an 18.70 % decrease in energy consumption when the home automation system acts to manage the power consumption of the devices in the home.
  • Simply you say that, you are contributing to the economy when you purchase and utilize a home automation system. You ensure that you are only using the energy and resources that are necessary while you are home.
  • Less energy consumption means a lower electricity bill. Therefore home automation technology also helps in saving money
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Technology helps you save money, save time, and feel safe within your own home. The peace of mind that comes with automation over your home can help you stress less and feel more in control of your life. Happy Home…

Shripal Javia

Shripal Javia

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