Building a new home from scratch is an amazing experience.  There are multiple choices at every stage from the design and planning phase to the finishing stage.  While there are many decisions that need to be made before and during construction, it is important that home automation is not overlooked.

Planning home automation technology should be done during the building process to ensure the technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the home. Identifying where the sensors, cameras and keypads are best positioned are decisions that may also need to be made early and, where relevant, added into the construction plans.

Most Appropriate Stage:

Once your home has its basic structure ready, experts will install important things like heating and cooling units, plumbing lines, and electrical systems. As soon as that work is done, workers will begin to close up the walls with insulation and drywall. In most cases, the drywall will be sanded and primed, and it might even be painted.

If you’re interested in a home security system, solar panels, or home automation devices, this is the time to incorporate them and consider the wiring, voltage, or power system that best supports them. Many builders can prewire your home for a home automation system for an additional cost. You won’t have to choose a provider when they do so. Opting for this service will simply provide you with the wiring you’ll need to install for your smart home.

One another point that should be taken into consideration is that you should start planning for home automation even before this stage has arrived as it will give you proper time to think and finalize the product as well as the agency for it.

Benefits Of Taking The Decision At An Early Stage:

  • Wire is cheap but retrofitting is not. If you are prewiring your home, pulling extra wires to critical locations is a great way to ensure that small changes don’t become big headaches and costs later on. (If the customer decides to get home automation functionalities at last stage)
  • No big investment These services can be availed by the installers/integrators at a very low cost.
  • There are a few points that are not related to home automation but should be in your consideration. Like provision for an additional bell to “Make the bell properly audible in the full home”, “Planning Great Quality Streaming on your TVs and Computers”, Internet-related planning, etc. Mostly these points are missed but if home automation decision is taken, then these points will also be covered in its planning.
  • Due to many external factors, the prices of these hi-tech devices keep on increasing. So if the decision is taken at an early stage, the prices for your smart devices will be fixed and hence you won’t have to face the price rise.
  • You will get much better connectivity as some wired solutions can be implemented where required.
  • The overall project expense is less as you can plan for a combination of the wired and wireless automation systems.
  • Installer/Integrator can give you a very smooth and customized experience when they are given the luxuries of early planning.
  • The additional wiring and power provisions will be extremely useful even if you are going to opt for some retrofit automation. As all the retrofit automation are never really retrofit. They will also require quite a few structural as well as wiring changes to implement its solutions efficiently. And these changes will ultimately result in higher costs and delays in the project.
  • As you can see in the above diagram, Earlier you plan will really help you to Reduce Total Costing and Improve the Performance of the system. And vice-versa.

Our customers have already experienced these benefits. To listen to their experiences you can visit here Reviews.

Installation is more cost-effective when working with a blank canvas rather than a finished home.

“It’s infinitely more expensive and often messy to install a cable when the room is finished.”

– Owen Maddock (Smart Home Specialist at Connected Works)


Building your dream home is a time consuming and expensive project. And early planning will not only enable you to get all the features in your home that you dreamed of but also make the overall project cheap for you.

Shripal Javia

Shripal Javia

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