1. Bungalow & Flats

You can use all smart home products in your bungalow as per requirements. A high-level security system and main gate control are more important for bungalows. Some of them are listed below.

  • All home appliances control on a single platform.
  • Single remote for all multimedia devices.
  • Motion sensors for automatic lighting control for some small areas of the home like dressing, bathroom, entrance, passage, storeroom, etc.
  • Smart lighting which can dim automatically and can be scheduled for ON-OFF.
  • Smart plugs to avoid energy loss by standby devices like laptops, computers, TV, etc.
  • Thermostat to control the temperature at home.
  • Digital door locks for main door security.
  • Video door phones to watch on visitors.
  • CCTV camera to see what’s happening in your home or periphery of home.
  • High-level security system to secure your home when you are not at home.
  • Voice assistants like Alexa or Google home through which you can use all the appliances through voice command.
  • Main gate control for your vehicles.

2. Schools and colleges

Nowadays so many schools and colleges have AC classrooms, offices, and auditorium. All the school or college functions are done in the auditorium. Here are some smart home product solutions listed below which will useful for schools that make the easy operation of all the appliances and manageable from outside the school also. It will help to save energy and money.

  • Single remote for all multimedia devices In the auditorium.
  • Motion sensors in different places of school like a corridor, passage area, the area near lift, staircase, etc.
  • Smart plugs to avoid energy loss by standby devices like laptops, computers, etc.
  • CCTV cameras to see what’s happening in your schools or colleges.
  • Some security features for the head office.
  • Remote access to all the AC of your schools or colleges.
  • Smart digital locks to secure important documents and money.

3. Shopping Malls

There are so many lights in the shopping mall. And it is also required to schedule AC for the whole shopping mall. Temperature control is also required in a shopping mall. Because so many people visit the shopping mall daily. Some smart home product features which are useful for shopping mall are listed below.

  • Motion sensors for automatic lighting in all the bathrooms, dressing areas, lift passage, and other small areas in shopping malls.
  • Thermostat to control the temperature in different areas of the shopping mall.
  • Scheduling AC and music systems for different areas of the mall.
  • Scheduling digital advertisements in different shops in the mall.
  • CCTV cameras in all common areas and shops.

4. Commercial buildings

  • Motion sensors are used in different areas of the commercial building like entrance, staircase, near the lift, passage area of all floors, parking area, washrooms, etc.
  • Automatic gate control or motorized gate control of the main gate.
  • CCTV cameras in all common areas of the building.
  • The single remote of multiple remotes in the reception area.
  • Lighting control in the reception area and other common areas.

5. Hotels & Restaurants

  • Motion sensors in all the bathrooms of hotel rooms, passage area, parking area, and other common areas.
  • IR blaster to hide set-top boxes in all hotel rooms.
  • Single remote for multimedia remotes in the reception area.
  • CCTV cameras for all common areas of the hotel.
  • Automatic gate control of the main gate.
  • Smoke sensors to detect fire.
  • Lighting control for reception or banquet hall of hotel to create different lighting ambiance.

6. Basement Parking

  • There are so many lights in the basement parking. We don’t require all the lights at a time. So we can use motion sensors in that area so that when someone enters the basement parking, lights turn on as per the required area.
  • Smoke sensors are used to detect fire and get alert on time.

7. Banquet hall

  • Lighting control is the most important feature of a banquet hall. To create a different ambiance for lighting according to functions are most important to utilize all the lights properly.
  • Single remote in a smartphone or physical remote of all the multiple remotes of AC and music system or other devices.
  • There are so many Air Conditioners in the banquet hall, we can use Thermostat for automatic temperature control.

8. Theater Room

  • If you are making a dedicated theater room in your home or in your farmhouse, then you required so many smart home solutions for that to make your task easy and you can utilize all the device on which you invested lacs of rupees.
  • There are so many multimedia devices in theater room like TV, Set-top box, music system, Blu-ray, AC, Firestick, etc. It is very complicated to operate all remotes. So a single remote will help to solve this problem.
  • We can use a projector lift to hide the projector when we want to off the projector.
  • The Roller shutter will help to operate the projector screen. We can set projector screen down, set-top box ON, Music system ON, Lights turn off or dim lights in a single click.
  • We can install Video door phone indoor unit in our theater room to hear when someone presses the doorbell and we can see from that screen and open the door from our theater room.

9. Office

  • Remote access to all the devices so that if we forgot to turn off everything, We can operate it from outside the office.
  • Lighting control from our smartphone.
  • Curtain control to schedule curtain as per requirement.
  • The motion sensor in the bathroom.
  • Voice assistant like Alexa or google home to get a reminder for our all tasks and meetings and operate all the devices of our office from Voice assistant.
  • Control multimedia and AC remotes from our smartphone.
  • Smart plugs for all standby devices like Laptop, Computers, etc.

Smart home products are not only useful for Home, but there are so many other applications of smart home products in different places like schools and colleges, shopping malls, commercial buildings, basement parking, hotels and restaurants, office, banquet halls, etc.

Shripal Javia

Shripal Javia

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