Alexa Echo devices make it easy for anyone in any living situation to take advantage of the new smart home luxuries. Alexa is an amazing device that represents current technology. It is a tool for your comfort. It is the best thing to operate all your home appliances through Alexa. It makes human life more comfortable and easier. It will help you as your personal assistant. You can ask anything to the Alexa like weather condition, latest songs, latest news, play games, and many more things.

Here are some advantages of Alexa in your smart home:

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1. Make phone calls through Alexa

If you are working in a kitchen and you want to call your friend or family members then you don’t need to wash your hands and take your mobile. Just give a command to Alexa that “Alexa, call mom”. And if you want to cut a call after talking to your mother, then just give a command that “Alexa, end the call” or “Alexa, hang up”. So it will be very comfortable and easy to call anyone through Alexa when you are not able to touch your mobile and busy in another work.

2. Control your Smart Home through Alexa

Alexa can control your smart home by controlling the below appliances.

Control your lights and fans. (On-Off or dimming)

Just give a command that “Alexa, Turn on lights” You can set any name for your lights according to the area like, living lights, dining lights, kitchen lights, etc.

Control your curtains (open, close)

You can open or close curtains by giving a command that “Alexa, Open curtains or Turn on curtains “. If you want to open half curtain then you can pause it through Alexa.

Control all multimedia devices like TV, Set-top Box, Music system, BluRay player, etc.

You can control all the devices of multimedia individuals or in a group also. If you want to turn on the TV, set-top box, and music system together, then you can also do that by giving only one command to Alexa. You can change the channel and you can increase or decrease volume also.

Control your AC (change the mode or control temperature)

You can give a command to Alexa to turn on AC, turn off AC and you can also set the temperature of AC with the help of Alexa.

Control all other appliances of your home (Refrigerator, Oven, etc.)

Scene control

Alexa can control individual devices in a single command as well as a group of devices in a single command like TV mode or Night mode etc.

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3. You can ask Alexa for news and general knowledge

For news, you don’t need to turn on the TV. Just give a command to Alexa and you will get news. You can also ask any general knowledge question to Alexa. So you don’t need to search it on google.

4. Get cooking ideas and tips

You can ask anything to Alexa about cooking. Alexa can maintain your grocery list. Alexa can convert units like cups to millimeters. While cooking multiple items you can set multiple timers in Alexa. Just say, “Alexa, start a timer for 5 minutes.” After 5 minutes passes, the speaker will chime until you tell it to stop. You can listen to music through Alexa while cooking. It can control smart cookers, ovens, and refrigerators. You can ask the calorie count to Alexa for making healthy food. You can explore more recipes ideas from Alexa.

5. You can play games and listen to music with Alexa.

Alexa has that skill to play music and you can give a command for a particular song too. The easiest way to listen to music on an Echo device is through a music streaming service. By default, your Echo will link to Amazon Music. If you’re an amazon prime subscriber, you can snag more than 2 million songs from Prime Music for free, or 10 million if you upgrade to amazon music unlimited. There are lots of games available on Alexa skills so that your children can play games with Alexa.

6. Give a reminder for a schedule or for a medicines

You can set a number of reminders in Alexa so that it will ring an alarm and also remind your task. It happens that sometimes in our busy schedule we forgot to give medicine or a dose to our elders. You can prevent this problem with the help of Alexa. It will give you a reminder every day at its particular time.

7. Alexa Supports multiple languages


You can use theAlexa Skills Kit to create skills in multiple languages. A skill can support a single language, or any combination of the available languages like Hindi, English, French, German, etc.

8. Alexa can work with the internet and it can also work without the internet to control your all smart home appliances.

Alexa cannot do anything without a Wi-Fi connection. Alexa can control your smart home devices without the internet also. Alexa can do these things without the internet.

  • Control compatible smart home devices, including switches, lights, and plugs, that are connected directly to your Echo device.
  • Ask for the time or date.
  • Stop or cancel alarms, reminders, and timers that were set before your Echo device went offline.
  • Control the device’s volume.

9. Alexa can directly connect with smart bulbs, smart plugs, smart thermostats, and other smart devices.

Smart plugs make it possible to turn any electronics you already have into a smart device to be controlled by your Alexa Echo. Simply plug the smart plug into your electrical outlet and plug in any lamp, fan, TV, stereo, exercise equipment, or other electronic you’d like to control. Smart plugs make it possible to use your Alexa Echo device to turn not so smart devices on and off and automate them according to your schedule.

By connecting your smart thermostat to an Alexa Echo device, you’ll achieve hands-free voice control of your indoor climate to tell Alexa to cool the temperature down when you turn on the fireplace or warm it up when your loved one is coming down with a cold. Smart thermostats are easy to set up and begin using with your Alexa Echo same-day.

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10. You can keep the device 9 to 10 feet far and you can give the command. Just make sure that sound should be audible for Alexa.

Alexa can receive your command from 9 to 10 feet distance also. For example, if you are in a kitchen and Alexa is in a living room then you can turn on kitchen lights or fens by giving a command to Alexa from the kitchen. Just make sure that your voice is audible for Alexa.


Alexa is a personal assistant, very much a Comfortable and easy solution to operating all the devices. You just have to give a command to Alexa by sitting on the sofa or cooking in a kitchen. Alexa makes a very comfortable and easy operation of all the home appliances. Alexa is also very much useful for elders. Sometimes if they are not comfortable to operate all the appliances through smartphones, the Alexa makes their tasks easy. Alexa can directly connect with so many automation company’s products. It is user friendly to all family members.

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